The GDPR Audit Report and Action Plan May 2018 – Version one – has been compiled by Microshade Business Consultants Ltd and has been adopted by the Parish Council.   Please see copy of the document under the heading The Parish – Useful Information.

Monkland Show Schedule

– see The Parish – Useful Information

Monkland & Stretford Parish Council

Your Parish council = The closest tier of government to you. The voice of local people.

Councillors are hereby summoned to attend the Parish Council  Meeting on Tuesday 11th September, 2018 at 7.30pm

Meeting to be held in The Village Hall, Monkland.

Public and Press very welcome to attend.

Agendas will be posted on notice boards and this website,

Minutes will be posted within one month of the previous meeting.


Hereford Weather

Hereford Weather