Minutes 10th May 2017

Minutes of the Monkland & Stretford Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 10th May 2017 in Monkland Village Hall, Monkland.


PRESENT: Cllr J Barnes (Chairman) Cllr A. Turner; Cllr K Hindle; Cllr R Allen; and Cllr M Weatherhead.

Also present: Parish Clerk: Mrs Lesley Hay; Chris Blaydon (Footpaths Officer)
Wendy Jancey (Village Hall Representative). Ward Councillor T Marsh.

1. Dr Jenny Barnes was unanimously re-elected as Chairman and she signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Chairman form.

2. Cllr M Weatherhead was unanimously re-elected as Vice Chairman

3. Apologies for Absence: none received.

4. All councillors confirmed there were no changes to their Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation during the past year.

5. To: Elect other Officers:

5.1 The Clerk, Mrs Lesley Hay, was re-elected as Responsible Finance Officer
5.2 Mr Chris Blaydon was re-elected as Footpath Officer
5.3 Cllr M Weatherhead was re-elected as representative to the Village Hall
5.4 Parish Council/Community web site – it was agreed the Chairman will
liaise with regard to the Clerk having access to the Community website and will report back.

6. To Receive Reports:

6.1 Policing Matters – Local Police Officer/Community Support Officer – see report in the Annual Parish Meeting minutes.

6.2 Balfour Beatty – Locality Steward James Howells together with Locality Steward Phil Pankhurst have responded to all requests for assistance during the past year. Clerk to liaise with James Howells with regard to the work needed on the hedge up the road from at Mill House and the legal situation with regard to future work/removal of the large leylandii hedge and grounds in front of Mill House and Mill Cottage.

6.3 Update on Newsletter – next edition 1st June 2017.

6.4 Update on reduction of speed signs – a quote has been received for
£6,381.27 plus VAT – this is £1,400 higher than estimated. The Clerk confirmed she had contacted Dan Guerche to ask if the Police and Crime Commissioner would be prepared to allocate a further donation. Ward Councillor Marsh confirmed that Cllr Paul Rone has also been approached to see if he is able to top up the monies need for this urgent project.

7. Open session – Matters raised by local residents.

7.1 Sale of common hay – Cllr Weatherhead will liaise with Mr Rogers with regard to the sale of the hay – if he is not interested, Cllr Weatherhead will approach Mr J Jenkins who has purchased the crop on previous years.

7.2 Visibility/grass cutting/hedge maintenance – Old Road. After a site visit and further discussion – it was agreed that the Chairman would visit the new owner of Mill Cottage and discuss with him the maintenance of the hedge surrounding his property. The owner of Mill House has shown interest in contributing to any costs for annually maintaining the hedge.

The Clerk confirmed that quote had been received from D C Gardening with regard to various options. However, for the time being, it was agreed that this item should be deferred until the next meeting.

7.3 Defibrillator – to be deferred until more news with regard to the re-opening of The Monk – if this not an option in the near future – then to consider re-siting the telephone kiosk.

7.4 Driving over common – after discussion it was agreed for the Clerk to write to Helen Beale in the Common Registration Office to inquire about the legalities of horse riding and driving on the common – and for guidance for appropriate wording should signs become necessary.

There was concern that an extra track had been created over the common – however, Cllr Allen thought this to be a track used for a good couple of years by tractors and the previous gamekeeper. Cllr Allen offered to investigate and report back.

There was concern that the verges on Pleck Lane were overgrown and affecting visibility/safety. Clerk asked to liaise with Locality Steward about getting this cut back as soon as possible.

7.5 Spraying in ditches/on common – it was explained that this is an annual occurrence carried out by the Environmental Agency.

7.6 Update on Appointment of new gamekeeper – Clerk to invite the new gamekeeper to the next meeting.

7.7 STOP signs at cross roads – Clerk to liaise with James Howells and/or Ray Wallace at Balfour Beatty about getting the ‘Give Way’ signs replaced by ‘STOP’ signs at Bainstree Cross roads.

Close open session

8. The minutes of the meeting held on 14th March 2017 were approved as a true record and it unanimously agreed that they be adopted and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising and update:

8.1 Registration of the pieces of land by Moor’s Bridge and by the village hall as village green – after discussion and reading the letter from Lloyds and Cooper with its recommendations, it was agreed that the registration in place would be sufficient to safe guard these areas for the future.

8.2 Old Road Planning – Clerk asked to liaise with Mr Mark Tansley, Planning Officer, as there was confusion with regard to the wording ‘confirmation that the planning authority is satisfied on the basis of works carried out’ and to ask if Mr Tansley would clarify the requirements needed to comply when the planning permission stipulates there is a one year deadline to commence of development.

8.3 Unsafe tiles – footpath MK1 – Clerk confirmed after a visit by the Locality Steward James Howells, this footpath was now closed due to the dangerous condition of the roof tiles. Mr Howells has visited Mr Marfell who has agreed to make good when he has time. The footpath remains closed.

MK12 is inaccessible due to the rape crop – there is no way around the field. In the first instance Clerk to write to the tenant, Mr Powell of Yazor, requesting he establish a walk way of 1 metre across the field.

The Footpaths Officer also reported that last year MK10 was inaccessible and it may well be again this year – the Footpaths Officer will revisit and advise. Should either of the landowners not be in a position to maintain a suitable thoroughfare on this and MK12, he offered to attempt to do so himself subject to their approval.

The Clerk reminded those present that, to keep within the guidelines of the Parish Council Insurance Policy, the Footpath’s Officer could carry out this work provided he uses a strimmer/equipment owned by the Parish Council.

It was suggested that the lengthsman also be asked to give a quote for strimming a thoroughfare on the two footpaths and these costings to be compared with the cost of purchasing a strimmer.

However, it was agreed to write to Mr Powell in the first instance and to ask him to liaise with the Footpaths Officer re MK12 and to wait a report from the Footpath’s Officer with regard to MK10 before making any further decisions.

8.4 Village Gateway scheme – although thought to be a positive option – it was agreed that, at this time, the Parish Council do not have the funding to support this. To be deferred until after the new signage has been purchased and erected.

9. Finance Matters:

9.1 Bank Balances – had been circulated but paper copies were available.

9.2 The Annual Governance Statement for 2016/2017 read out by the Chairman was agreed and accepted by Council. The External Audit Form was duly signed by the Chairman and the Clerk as Responsible Finance Officer.

9.3 The Annual Accounts for 2016/2017 had been audited and these were agreed and accepted by Council. The External Audit form was completed and signed by the Chairman and Clerk as Responsible Financial Officer.

9.4 Mr Robert Taplin was again appointed an Internal Auditor.

9.5 To Consider and Approve the following Payments:
Schedule of Payments circulated:
9.5.1 Payments made since last meeting – none
9.5.2 The Clerk confirmed reimbursement of the outstanding VAT
return; Lengthsman and half yearly Precept payment had been received.
9.5.3 Payment of Outstanding Invoices, as per the schedule of payments, was unanimously agreed and cheques raised and signed.
9.5.4 The Insurance Renewal quote for 2017/2018 presented by Zurich Municipal was discussed and unanimously agreed – cheque signed.
9.6.5 After discussion a grant of £150.00 was agreed towards the
9.6.6 The sum of £25.00 was agreed as a token gift to the Internal Auditor Clerk to purchase voucher and card.

10. The existing Standing Orders /Financial Regulations/Financial Risk Assessment/Code of Conduct were reviewed and accepted for the coming year. All signed and dated by the Chairman and Clerk. All Councillors present agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct.

11. Lengthsman work sheet for June and July 2017 – cutting bank the grass/overgrowth on path bank alongside by the bus shelter.

11.1 The Chairman and Clerk Signed the lengthsman Contract for 2017-2018 – Clerk to forward to Balfour Beatty.

12 Councillors were reminded of the DPD meeting to be held on Monday 22nd May 2017 in the Shire Hall, Hereford – Clerk confirmed she had booked four places.

13. Items for the Next Agenda ([no discussion): Deferred items: Defibrillator; Old Road Planning update; Common signage; MK120/MK12 footpaths; MK1 footpath; update on new signage costings;

14. Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 11th May 2017

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15p.m.