Minutes 11th July 2017

Minutes of the Monkland & Stretford Parish Council held on Tuesday 11th July 2017 in Monkland Village Hall, Monkland.

Chairman welcomed those present.

PRESENT: Cllr J Barnes (Chairman) Cllr M. Weatherhead;
Cllr R Allen.

Also Present: Parish Clerk: Mrs Lesley Hay; Chris Blaydon – Footpaths
Officer; Ward Cllr Trish Marsh and seven members of the public.

1. Acceptance of apologies for absence – Cllr Karen Hindle; PCSO Jo Ellis

2. Declarations of interest – Disclosable Pecuniary, Non-Disclosable Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary interests. When Cllr A. Turner joined the meeting, he made a non-pecuniary declaration with regard to item 9.4 Mill House Planning Application.

3. Police Report – Apologies received from PCSO Jo Ellis. No recent Newsletter available.

4. Ward Councillor’s report. Ward Cllr. Trish Marsh confirmed that she had now completed her introductory training which had included meetings with Planning Officers with regard to re-direction procedures etc.
Ward Cllr Marsh reported that she had recently met with Dan Guerche – Ambassador to the Police Commissioner – and he had confirmed the Commissioner’s continued full support for Monkland’s on-going signage and speeding issues.
Ward Cllr Marsh also reported that Herefordshire Council were in consultation with regard to next year’s budget and were considering what spending cuts would be necessary in order to balance the budget. Ward Cllr offered to give a short presentation at the next meeting on the proposed/agreed cuts in expenditure and their impact on the County as a whole.
Ward Cllr Marsh confirmed that discussion on the Barons Cross 416 housing development was moving forward. There will be 106 monies available from this development some of which will have to be used towards improving vehicular access but it is hoped some funding will be made available to support the Leominster South bypass.
Re the sale of local farm small holdings – Ward Cllr Marsh confirmed that tenders were now being accepted.

5. Open session – No Matters were raised by local residents.

5.1 Update: Speed restrictions/signage A44 – costings

The Clerk explained that original estimate from Balfour Beatty for the changes to signage on the approaches to the bridge was £6381.27 + VAT. However, after discussion, this has now been adjusted to £5711.47 + VAT but the invoice has to be settled prior to the work being started.

The Clerk reminded those present that the Police Commissioner has allocated £4,000 towards this project and the Parish Council allocated £1,000 from this year’s precept/ budget – leaving a shortfall of £711.47. The VAT will be paid by the Parish Council and it was agreed that the Clerk will make an interim claim to get this reimbursed as soon as possible.

After some discussion, it was unanimously agreed to use the £400 left over from the Millennium Project and the £70 left over from the Youth Club accounts (both shown as carried forward amounts in the P.C. accounts) and to fund the remaining £300 from the Parish Council’s reserve account.

The Clerk will now fill in the Police Commissioner’s Application form and will liaise with Ray Wallace at Balfour Beatty with regard to signing the official paperwork and forwarding the cheque to enable the work to get started.

In the meantime, Ward Cllr Marsh will again approach Herefordshire Council in a further attempt to get them to donate towards this project.

The Clerk was asked to contact Ian Connolly Traffic Management Advisor – West Mercia Police, with regard to booking another urgent speed data check. To contact Ray Wallace, Senior Engineer with Balfour Beatty, to find out where Monkland now stand, having reached position 5 on the waiting list, with regard to consideration for a reduction in the speed limit from 50mph to 40 mph.

The Chairman temporarily closed the open session.

6. The minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 10th May 2017 were accepted as a true record and it was unanimously proposed that these be adopted and were signed by the Chairman.

Parish Clerk’s Update:

6.1 The hay on common has been sold for £170 and should be cut in the next two weeks depending on weather.

It was agreed that a written agreement would be drawn up between Cllr Allen and the Parish Council with regard to the use of the piece of land adjacent to the village hall – opposite Pleck Cottage – for sheep grazing.

6.2 The Clerk confirmed that HALC is advising its members not to adopt the revised Code of Conduct drawn up by Herefordshire Council for its own Ward Councillors. There is no requirement for any change at the present time and they recommend that Parish Councils await the outcome of a national review of the Code expected in early 2018.

6.3 Bainstree Cross – a response from Balfour Beatty explained that the GIVE WAY sings at junctions are adequate. STOP lines and signs are only used where visibility is extremely poor.

6.4 Hedges at Mill House/Cottage – after discussion with the owners of Mill House and Cottage – they have agreed to maintain the hedges. With regard to the piece of ground and the laurel hedge – it was agreed to speak with the tenant of Mill Cottage and maybe arrange a meeting with the Locality Steward to discuss and agree on future management.

6.5. A recent incident involving a quad bike being ridden erratically on the common has been
dealt with by the Police – no further action.

6.6 Chicken manure – a response to an email sent to Mr Powell had been circulated – it was
accepted that everything was within environmental health requirements.

6.7 Hedge along A44 bridge side – Cllr Weatherhead to approach Derrick Richards with regard to getting this cut as soon as possible as it is now affecting visibility on to A44 from Cow Lane and Old Road.

6.8 Defibrillator – as The Monk is still not sold it was felt appropriate to try and find an alternative site. It was acknowledged that many parishes across the country are being encouraged to use their old telephone kiosks to house a defibrillator – and maybe this is where folk, in an emergency, will expect them to be sited. However, before the Parish Council considers moving their telephone kiosk – presently sited at the Village Hall – it was agreed that the Chairman would approach Cllr Hindle with regard to the possibility of siting the defibrillator on the Cheese Factory wall. To be deferred until next meeting.

7. Finance.

7.1 Up to date accounts had been circulated
7.2 Schedule of Payments had been circulated. It was unanimously agreed to pay the outstanding invoices.

8. Highways and Environmental Matters.

8.1 Lengthsman Scheme – July/August work sheet – hedge along the path by bus shelter; trim
the jasmine bush by bus shelter; clear Baker Lea sign and Pleck Lane sign.

8.2 Lengthsman costing for 1st quarter – had been circulated. 1st quarter claim sent for

Cllr. Alan Turner joined the meeting. The Chairman reopened the Open Session

9 Planning issues –

9.1 It was again agreed that the Clerk should inform Neighbourhood Officer, Sam Banks, that the Parish Council has voted for the DPD process and not the Neighbourhood Plan option.
9.2 Old Road planning – nothing further to report
9.3 The Coach House – circulated – no objections raised.
9.4 Mill House –
There was lengthy discussion with regard to this Planning Application. Various issues were raised and it was agreed that the Clerk would bring these together in a response to the Planning Dept on behalf of the Parish Council. Those residents present were encouraged to make their own personal response either by email or by post. The deadline is at present 27th July 2017 – but an extension can be applied for if necessary.
Please see attached response document outlining the issues raised
9.5 Brick House Barn – please see attached response document
Again, there was lengthy discussion with regard to this Planning Application. Various issues were raised and it was agreed that the Clerk would bring these together in a response to the Planning Dept. on behalf of the Parish Council. Those residents present were encouraged to make their own personal response either by email or by post. The deadline for responses is at present 27th July 2017 but an extension can be applied for if necessary.
Please see attached response document outlining the issues raised

9.6 Leaplands planning application – circulated – no objections raised.


10. Update on Footpaths –

10.1 It was proposed and agreed to send a letter to Mr Powell thanking him for his co-option with regard to his management of his tenancy and the swift and helpful responses to the Parish Councils enquiries; emails etc.

10.2 The MK1 footpath has now been reopened.

Footpath Officer’s report: The Footpath Officer had emailed an up to date report which had been circulated. During discussion, the Footpaths Officer outlined that on MK1 the field north of the footbridge at 45715793 (marked ‘Shooting Day and Night’) is in crop and impassable. The first 50m of the alternate route, west around the field periphery (from the above to 45605795) is also effectively impassable and the remainder (north from there to 45635807) is not much better.

The Footpaths Officer acknowledged that although he had spoken with the game keeper with regard to clearing the footpath MK1 associated with Hawes Bridge and they had confirmed that they would speak with Derrick Richards – it was agreed that a letter should also be sent to the land owner, Mr J. Bengough.

The Footpaths Officer also reported that virtually the entire length running from the road to the wooden gate on SF1 which needs clearing (from 44095648 to 44605670).
Again, it was agreed that a letter be sent to Mr R Price requesting that this footpath/bridleway should be cleared.

The bridleway path SF1 – Leapyards to Flits Lane – a letter to be sent to Mr R. Price asking him to clear the footpath/bridleway.

11. Date of next full council meeting – Tuesday 19th September 2017 starting at 7.30p.m.

With no items brought forward for discussion at the next meeting – the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30p.m.