Minutes 13th September 2016

Minutes of the Monkland & Stretford Parish Council held on Tuesday 13th September 2016 in Monkland Village Hall, Monkland.

Minutes: Chairman welcomed those present

PRESENT: Cllr J Barnes (Chairman) Cllr K Hindle; Cllr R Allen; Cllr M. Weatherhead

Also present: Parish Clerk: Mrs Lesley Hay; Ward Councillor: Mr Peter McCaull

Members of the public: Chris Blaydon (Footpaths) and Mr D Guerche.

1. Acceptance of apologies for absence – Cllr L Hanley; Alan Turner; James Howell – Locality Steward.

2. Declarations of interests, Disclosable Pecuniary, Non-Disclosable Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary interests. No declarations were made

3. To receive a report from the local Police Officer – no report available.

3.1 The Chairman introduced Mr Dan Guerche as the recently appointed Police Commissioner Community Ambassador.

Mr Guerche explained that Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, has now appointed his new team to deliver for communities in West Mercia.

Following the appointment of his Deputy PCC, the Commissioner now has a team of Community Ambassadors in place to engage with local communities ensuring their priorities are understood, their needs are being met and their concerns are being acted on. Anyone can contact their local Ambassador to bring issues around crime, safety or policing to the Commissioner’s attention.
The Ambassadors are Graham Oliver for Shropshire, Daniel Guerche for Herefordshire and Melanie Baker for Worcestershire. The appointment for the Telford & Wrekin area is currently being finalised, with the announcement of the successful applicant due imminently.

Mr Guerche explained that the Police Commissioner had promised that he would be visible and accessible to people right across what is a very large policing area. These appointments will help him understand local priorities and engage with as many people as possible from different areas and backgrounds.

Residents of West Mercia can contact Daniel Guerche, Community Ambassador, Herefordshire
Tel: 07976 948 869 Email: danopcc@yahoo.com

4. Ward Councillor’ Report: Peter McCaull reported that various potholes had been filled throughout the parish.

4.1 Update on the recent meeting re Speed restrictions A44. Cllr Weatherhead gave a short but detailed resume of the meeting held recently with Paul Rone, Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport and Roads together various representatives from Balfour Beatty; Ward Councillors; Parish Clerks and Councillors from Monkland and Eardisland.
A copy of the minutes of this meeting were given to Mr Guerche and are attached in paper form to the end of these minutes/are available on the website and in the Newsletter

A lengthy discussion followed during which Mr Guerche took detailed notes regarding the slow process in getting changes made to this very dangerous stretch of road and, in particular the approach/signage over the Arrow Bridge. He noted the apparent lack of any police support at the various meetings and promised to bring these issues to the attention of the Safer Roads Partnership – and in particular for the personal attention of Mr Ian Connelly.

Resolved: The Clerk will forward all the information to Mr Connelly. The Clerk to liaise with Balfour Beatty’s representative, Ray Wallace, with regard to obtaining costings for the various speed restriction signs that can be erected without a TRO application.

5. Open session – Matters raised by local residents.

5.1 It is reported that the blue bin opposite the village hall was being used as a dog poo bin/rubbish bin. A resident has very kindly emptied the bin and placed it back into the owner’s field.
5.2 The overgrown Common Road hedge was reported to Locality Steward and it was very quickly cut back.
5.3 A drain blockage in Pleck Lane was reported to Locality Steward and has been jetted and unblocked.
5.4 Ward Councillor McCaull was asked if the recently postponed walkabout by the Lugg Valley Drainage Board had now taken place. Unfortunately, Ward Councillor could not confirm, either way but did not think that this had been rescheduled. Ward Councillor was reminded that there are two fallen trees obstructing the free flow of the river and the near collapse of the 2nd weir – this work needs to be done before the winter otherwise it could result in an upstream flooding issue.

Resolved: Ward Councillor McCaull will liaise with Lugg Valley Drainage.
Clerk will also report these issues direct to Lugg Valley Drainage.

5.5 The subject regarding speeding on the common – in particular the quad bike ridden by the gamekeeper – was raised again.
In the past this issue has been brought to the attention of the PCSO who promised to have a word – however, as the problem has again been raised with the Parish Council , it was agreed to write a short note to Mr Bengough in the hope he will have a word with his Gamekeeper.

Resolved: Clerk to send Mr Bengough an email in the first instance.

5.6 Tenancy of land surrounding the common. It was agreed to invite the Mr David Powell to the next meeting. Mr Powell has recently taken over the tenancy of Mr Bengough’s the land

Resolved: Clerk to send invitation to Mr D Powell of Yazor.

6. Approval of minutes from 4th July 2016 – these were acknowledged as a true record and unanimously adopted and signed by the Chairman.

Parish Clerk’s Update

6.1 Publication of Newsletter – it was agreed to continue with the newsletter in its present form. Funding will be discussed at the Budget/Precept meeting but in the meantime advertisers would be invited to advertise at the same rate of £20 for another 6 issues.

6.2 Update on Village defibrillator – as a result of local donations, a total of £309.02 has been banked to date. Godfrey Pitt from The Monk is planning to organise a meeting in the near future to establish a working group.

6.3 Telephone box – it was confirmed that the telephone box is covered under the PC insurance policy. It was agreed to advertise its use as a lending library. It needs a clean and the Clerk will again approach D C Gardening about erecting a couple of shelves.

7. Monkland Common issues:

7.1 An update on the Registration of Monkland Common – confirmation promised by next Monday.
7.2 Update on fencing of area/electric fencing on MK1 footpath – Cllr Weatherhead explained that the gamekeeper has promised to make sure the electric fence is properly signed in line with Health and Safety requirements. The gamekeeper will also erect a post and rope fence to direct walkers to keep to the footpath rather than walking close to the pullet pens.
7.3 Mr Matt Trumper has volunteered to deal with the increasing mole population on the common.
It was agreed that remuneration for his work would be discussed at the Budget/Precept setting meeting in November.

8. Highways and Environmental Matters.

8.1 Lengthsman Scheme –Sept/Oct worksheet – cut back the brambles by the bus shelter.
P3 scheme – to cut back the small section of footpath by Arrow Mill – Arrow Bridge Cottage – MK9.
The Clerk confirmed replacement footpath signs and posts are on order via the Locality Steward to be delivered to Cllr Weatherhead. It was agreed to ask the lengthsman – when he erects these – to select a position where they would be out of the way of hedge cutters; large agricultural machinery.
Resolved: Clerk to liaise with D C Gardening.

8.2 Sandbags – after discussion regarding the Balfour Beatty’s offer of empty sandbags it was
agreed to place an order.

Resolved: Clerk to place an order for 150 sandbags to be delivered to Mr Derrick
Richards. Clerk to enquire about the price of sand for consideration in the Budget 2017/18.

8.3 Speed Indicator Device – these are still being tested at Balfour Beatty – but engineer aware of
Monkland’s continued interest. Again, it was agreed that costing would be helpful so that these can be discussed at the Budget/Precept meeting in November.
Resolved: Clerk to continue to liaise with Balfour Beatty.

It was noted that there are speed wires up by Stagbatch Farm entrance – one of these is already broken. It was agreed that the positioning of these was inappropriate with traffic slowing due to farm machinery coming on to and leaving the main A44 road at the farm entrance.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Locality Steward

9. Finance.

9.1 A Forecast figure, including cheques to be signed at the meeting, was available and circulated.
9.2 To consider invoice payments: Schedule of Payments circulated see below – these were unanimously approved and cheques were signed.


Lesley Hay Clerks salary for August £221.23
Clerk’s PAYE August PAYE August £55.20
Lesley Hay Clerks salary for  Sept £221.03
Clerk’s PAYE Sept PAYE September £55.40
Expenses August / Sept expenses £55.40
D C Gardening P3 P3 scheme / footpaths £48.00
D C Gardening (July) Lengthsman £66.00
D C Gardening (Sept) Lengthsman £54.00
D C Gardening P3 scheme/footpaths £114.00

9.3 Agree date for Precept/Budget discussion – November meeting. Clerk will prepare figures.
9.4 Confirm payment received for hay from common – a cheque for £150 had been received.

10. Update on Footpaths
Footpaths Officer will provide an up to date report for the next meeting.

10.1 Confirmed purchase of kissing gate – delivered to The Kennels for erection.
10.2 Confirmed recent P3 scheme work – Cllr Weatherhead had an opportunity to discuss footpaths with D C Gardening and work has been carried out.

11. Planning issues

(12.1) Old Road Monkland – no further information available
(12.2) Manor House Farm Buildings – no further information available
(12.3) Little Castle Monkland – planning permission approved.

12. Date of Next full council meeting. The date of the next full Parish Council Meeting –
Tuesday 8th November 2016 – 7.30pm. This meeting will include Budget/Precept discussion; agreement and approval. Precept requests to be submitted before the 31st December 2016.

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20p.m.