Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 10th May 2017

DRAFT Minutes of the Monkland & Stretford Annual Parish Meeting held on Wednesday 10th May 2017 from 7.00pm in Monkland Village Hall, Monkland.


PRESENT: Cllr J Barnes (Chairman) CllrA. Turner; Cllr K Hindle; Cllr R Allen; and
Cllr M Weatherhead.

Also present: Parish Clerk: Mrs Lesley Hay; Ward Cllr Trish Marsh;

Member of the public: Wendy Jancey (Village Hall Representative; PCSO Dick Alford. Chris Blaydon (Footpaths Officer)

Acceptance of apologises for absence: none received

The Annual Parish Meeting commenced at 7.00pm with a welcome from the Chairman of Monkland & Stretford Parish Council.

1. Approval of minutes from 10th May 2016 – Minutes approved, adopted and signed as a true record.

2. Chairman’s Annual Report.

Apart from the usual Parish Council business conducted at our bi-monthly meetings, the following items are worthy of special mention:

The sad loss of our Ward Councillor Peter McCaull earlier in the year. Grateful thanks to Ward Councillor Roger Phillips for offering to cover during the lead up to a bi – election when Ward Councillor Trish Marsh was elected. The Chairman welcomed Ward Cllr Marsh to the meeting.

The Parish Council said goodbye to Lyn Hanley who stood down from the Council for personal reasons and, after the appropriate advertising time, Cllr Alan Turner was co-opted to join the Council.

During the year, the Parish Council extended a warm welcome to Mr David Powell as the new tenant of the land owned by Mr J Bengough. Mr Powell came to one of the meetings and gave a short presentation on their plans for the land in the foreseeable future. To date they have proved to be excellent tenants.

There have been two planning applications on going during the year. The Manor House planning application was refused and there has been no further communication or movement with regard to this development. The Old Road planning application was approved but apart from some work on the access to the site, there has been no further action on this development either.

The lowering of the A44 speed limit from 50 to 40 mph remains a serious concern. Unfortunately, after data collection – it proved that the average speed limit was recorded as 54 mph and this does not constitute a significant enough reading needed to support a reduction. As a consequence, the Safer Roads Partnership have made it clear that they would not support a reduction.

Despite this, the fight remains ongoing.
Sadly, there was a fatality on the bridge in June and as a result there have been several meetings with various authorities in an attempt to get the speed limit reduced and the signage improved on the approaches to the bridge. The new signage has now been agreed but the costs are in the region of £6,500 which is £1,400 higher than the original estimate. The Police and Crime Commission, John Campion, and his ambassador Dan Guerche have been very supportive and it is hoped they may be able to increase their already generous offer to cover this shortfall. It is imperative we get on with these improvements.

The Parish Council continue to work in partnership with the Locality Stewards – Phil Pankhurst and James Howells – and the Chairman thanked them for their continued support to Monkland Parish as a whole.

Monkland Common – after many many years – has now been registered as a Village Green. This will protect its present status and the future of the common for future generations to enjoy.

The Chairman expressed thanks to all Parish Councillors for their time and effort in supporting the council and their village. The Chairman expressed thanks to the Footpaths Officer, Chris Blaydon, for all his efforts in keeping the footpaths clear; safe and accessible. The Chairman thanked the lengthsman Derrick Richards and Dave Campbell for their hard work in and around the village during the past twelve months. The Chairman thanked Lesley Hay – for all her hard work as Parish Clerk and as editor of the Monkland Newsletter.

Report from Footpath Warden
Please see Report attached. The Footpaths Officer reported that all the footpaths are been inspected twice a year and all seemed in good order at present. However, he was concerned that MK12 was inaccessible due to the rape crops – and it was agreed that the Clerk would write to the tenant, Mr Powell, to try and resolve this problem. MK1 is closed at present due to unsafe roof tiles. Last year MK10 was inaccessible and it may well be again this year – the Footpaths Officer will revisit and if necessary approach the land owner himself.

Report from Monkland Village Hall – please see attached report from Mrs Wendy Jancey.
It was noted, with great sadness, that the next Monkland Show planned for the 2nd September will be the last Show organised by Wendy and Janet. This will end a thirty year old tradition but, as support has dwindled in recent years, it has been decided this will be the last – unless new volunteers can be persuaded to take over.

Report from Ward Councillor. Ward Councillor Trish Marsh reported that since her election she had attended numerous Induction sessions. She confirmed that Cllr Paul Rone had been informed about the shortfall in cash regarding the new signage. Ward Councillor gave her reassurances that she would support a reduction in the speed limit along the A44. Councillors were reminded of a DPD meeting/update planned for the 22nd May for Parish Councils who had opted out of the Neighbourhood Plan option.

Report from PCSO D Alford – PCSO Alford reported that Monkland had suffered 5 crimes during the past year. It was acknowledged that we are fortunate to live in a safe environment with a very low crime rate. PCSO reminded residents that they hold surgeries in Eardisland; Pembridge; Kington and Weobley on a regular basis – the next being on 8th June 2017.

PCSO Alford also confirmed that he and his colleagues would be supportive of the attempts to reduce the speed limit on the A44 and hoped that the Safer Road Partnership will make regular checks on the speeds along this stretch of road particularly at weekends when the speeding motor bikes present a real danger to themselves; other drivers and to residents.

No issues were presented for open discussion that will not be covered during the Annual Parish Council Meeting. The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.45 p.m.